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The Courage to Love is a pioneering documentary about four individuals journeys from the pain & shame of sexual addiction to the hope & healing of recovery. It is a unique resource that will allow educators and professionals in the fields of addiction and sexual health the opportunity to educate people about the reality of sexual addiction through the power of film.

The Courage to Love for Professional/Educational Use DVD is now available for professional use for trainings and educational purposes in classrooms, treatment settings, churches, and community centers. The professional/educational use DVD allows educators, professionals, and organizations to use the film for training or educational purposes.

Note: if you are showing the film to an audience at a public theatrical screening event whether you are charging admission or not you will need to purchase the Public Performance Rights (PPR). See Book a Screening for PPR Pricing and Policy Information.

The film's running time is 57 minutes.

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For Home Video Use Only

This home video DVD is intended for use in your home only and is not licensed for public exhibition of any kind. This means if you plan to screen the documentary in your classroom, treatment center, community organization, professional workshop/training, or church group, etc. you order the professional/educational version.

If you cannot afford the full price for the professional/educational rate, let us know what you can pay. We depend on you to follow the honor system. Thank you for your consideration, and your interest in The Courage to Love.

The film's running time is 57 minutes.

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